Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What is Innocence?

What is Innocence?

I own all the roses. Did you know that? Guess not. It was something I decided long long ago. They used to make me smile. Until they made me cry. 

I had given my roses away. I wept bitter tears of memories, of lost things, things that never were, hopes abandoned. I turned my eyes away hiding from them. They haunted me deeply.

One morn I found myself in a field of roses. I could not hide from them. I choose to look, to stop and I considered my choices. I took back my roses. Now I can look at them without weeping. I appreciate them once more. I stop and smell the heavenly scent. 

It is different now when I look at them. We all deserve love, each and every one of us. Even when the thorns prick us and tear our skin.