Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Traveling Through North Carolina

you were with me as I traveled.
Down long roads
as blacktop speed by
You were with me. 

My thoughts turned towards you
as iron to a lodestone.
I smiled. 

Drawing in deep, hard
looking to find cool water emotions
only to find a boiling cauldron 
carefully I picked them out.

Wetting each with soft rose petals,
Took aim and left rain pink fluffiness 
and felt you rise up. Buffered. 
Shelled. Hard. Against me. 

Cracks appear in me yet I pull deep.
Finding every little shadow hiding pink,
I pull and braid these threads, tattered and torn.
I snip and tear and fill up my cup.

With a wide sweeping toss, I laugh
as pink glitter rains down. 
May your heart be filled.
Receive the love so freely given. 
So hard won.