Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fallen Angel

No on tells how hard it is,
falling from heaven.
Ripped away from all that Glory
falling down in dusky lands
full of life
and equally full of death.

No one tells how hard it is,
to choose to fall, 
to leave it all behind.
No one tells why. 

No one tells why
the angel fell. 
What temptation could mortal life be?
What the taste of love could do?

No one tells.
No one knows where the angels fell.
No one knows the angels that walk among us. 
No one knows how hard it is to be apart from Glory.

Fallen angels know. 
Oh, they know. 
They know how sweet love is.
They know,
Oh, they know. 

No one tells how hard it is,
to stand apart.
Separated from Glory
for the sake of love.

Oh, they know.
Oh, they know.