Wednesday, June 1, 2016


My wants, your wants, my wants, your wants.
Talking past each other;
Agreements made, agreements broken
Truth is a lie. The lie is the truth.
Upside down, inverted and confused.
Frozen water stacked like blocks.
Built up walls, towers, icebergs
scraping the sky.

Breaking floodwaters:
Sweeping past, dragging everything
Ripping roots out of riverbanks
tearing the sweet soil right out
and washing it to sea.

It was just a rain dance
not a deluge dance.
Who cares?
It's water.
Too much, too fast, freezing

You know what's rather curious?
My utter lack of willingness.
I am unsure which causes the regrets,
the death of a dream or allowing it to die.

Where is the lie?
Where is the truth?
This decoder ring doesn't help.
I can't tell the difference
It's not written in crayon.

Push me, Push you, Bite me, Bite you
This wasn't real.
You never held up the mirror to my sorrows.
Let me drown in my own fears, consumed, gasping.
My hands never wavered under the water.
I never drowned.

Wasn't a hurricane of rage.
Just a squall.
what a lie, can't you see it?
I'm blind.

Everything I hear is true.
Real and now.
Even if it wasn't written in crayon.
Every thought, every possibility
equally true and real.

This decoder ring wasn't working.
Not sure it's working now.