Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ghostly Whispers

Darling, come here.
Sit on Mother’s lap.
Let me tell you a secret-
I can see.

Yes, my eyes are blind.
My hearing is sharp.
The pen scratches against paper.
And the interplay between heartbeats.

From winter to summer
I’ve heard your heart in
The background of his.
I knew.

Close your eyes my daughter
And listen.
Can you see it now?

Choices have consequences.
I chose and now I see;
Blind thought I be.

There is another

Moving On

Opening her fingers
letting fall like rose petals
 little words
"Fuck You"
spilling onto the ground

Saltwater rains down
staining pavement

The petals have dried:
crispy, salted, stained.

Choices are hard.
Knowing which way to go
Mercy comes not easy to her.

May you always be known--for what you are:
O'fisher of dreams, Dreamwalker, hunter of innocence.

There is a fine line between hate and love.
I love to hate you.
I hate to love you.

Mercy is not easy
as the rains fall.