Thursday, October 29, 2015


Solid steel door standing
coldly gleaming into the darkness
In the middle of the path
That opens to my future

Reaching out I
Turn the knob
opening the door wide
Burning into me, the cold seeps
Burning away
What can not be brought forward
Leaving me naked

I step though
Into my future
It slams shut behind me.
All that I once was
is gone
left behind
in a flurry of snowflakes

There is no going back.
Forward I must walk.
Forward into the dawn.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

One Shot

You left something sad deep inside
That happiness and clear skies hide
The rains I hold inside

Sunny days are here
Living life on the bright side
Yet there is still rain deep inside

When my thoughts bend towards you
I feel the downturn of my lips
And sadness swell

It’s not quite a missing you
The flavor is subtle, deeper, darker
Misunderstood salty dampness of tears

Echoes of screams of misunderstanding
Traces of brokenness, ground up dreams
And the astringency of rejection.

I taste this flavor in my soul
Looking at words once wrought
Colors that formed face, smiling

Looking back at me

Happiness is the flavor of my life
Yet it has this