Monday, September 7, 2015

I forgot

I forgot to tell you
How much your silence is hurting me..
I know you’ve moved on

I see your life
As just glimpses when I peek
Yet I forgot to tell you

I love you and I know you don’t love me too.
It’s alright.

I say that now but it’s killing me.
Watching you with her
Seeing the smiles
You at peace I never could bring you.

It’s alright I tell you. I’m happy for you.
I forgot to tell you,
It’s killing me, loving you as you love her
And not me.

One day soon, I drift away
Saying I’m happy for you, you know.
It’s alright, it’s great. I’m okay.

Deep inside I’m dying,
I forgot to tell you,
I wish she was me.