Monday, September 7, 2015


Turn not your eyes on the path behind
For sight won't tell you what you already know
I Left behind a piece of me that day
Leaving you behind, tearing me in two.

How to let go when all I want to do is hold on?
No hope, no chance, no reason.
you will not turn around and save me.
Even if you did, feral I bite for what effort.

We’ve danced our last dance
And you stormed off the floor
Left me spinning round and round

Lost my steps as I stumbled forward
Each foot one more further than yesterday
Stabbing my heart, cutting me out of you

You’re an infection, a disease
Swarming my mind
Taking me over
Never allowing me to forget

Oh sweet slumbering Bliss,
To forget
All the times we had
All good and bad

Breaking me, breaking my fingers
Breaking souls, hearts and mind
Never wanting to look back
Turned my head, I did.

Can I claw my eyes out?
Yet I’d still see.
What is this madness
That infects me?

It must be over!
I said I was done!
Time has come and gone.
Let go already!
Let go damn you!

Let me go, please.
Not trapped in this place
Thorns hold me still here
Cutting me deep, carving my skin
Letting Ruby drops fall
Escaping softly
Is this peace?