Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I am alone.

I’m alone, I whisper in the dark.
I’m alone.

World filled with Billions and
I’m alone.

No connections
Nothing touches me
Utterly Lonely

I am alone.
In the Dark reaches of the world.

With a blink all that I had
Was gone.

Woke up to the truth
I am alone.

No connections anywhere
I walk.
Alone in the quiet.
Heart beats
Not for anyone.

I woke up
Ripped from all
I knew.

Illusions fell
Like scales from my eyes.

I pass by the living
Like a ghost

Stalking the dark reaches
Spying in on the living
Wanting what they have
That connection they feel

Separated from it all
This is a living death.

This is what it means
To be alone.