Monday, September 14, 2015

A Toy's Heart

I stood there waiting for you to pick me
My glass eyes twinkling as you stroke me
My heart’s love leaped for joy
Here is my own boy to love!

Your hugs of sorrow held me tight
Night after night.
I would give anything to make that right.

I felt your bleeding heart and my own ached
Scissors I took to heartbeat making patches
And sewed them to yours

Now I’m bleeding stuffing
Kissing each of your holes closed
My holes held by threads
Patchwork heart

Now my job’s done
And you’re whole again
Ready to take on the world
And love again.

Patchwork heart I have
Love I gave, no strings
Now the holes sting
As you move away.

Losing stuffing along the way
Set back on the shelf up and away
Watching my own precious boy
Playing strong, living, loving