Thursday, December 11, 2014

No more waiting

Here I sit
on my knees
day after day

Waiting, waiting, waiting
For what?
I know not, anymore.

Lonely is my constant companion.
Here on my knees.

The outside world
barely exists for me
as I sit here on my knees


No more.
This day is too much.
Four walls closing in.
Loneliness my constant companion.

I am done.
No more waiting.
No more wanting
No more time.
I am done.

I will be...
What I was;
yet again.

Off my knees
the dust will fall
leaving behind
of what was once
a broken angel

For what?
She knows not

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Not Fair

Can I protest?
Not Fair...
the heart beats racing
set loose from the sound of your voice.

Not Fair...
I hear your laugh
and it leaves me to quiver
and squirm

Not Fair....
does my skin scream

Not Fair...
does my bones scream

Not Fair...
does my soul scream

To be left like this,
broken, rubble of emotions
strung high, taut, singing loudly
full of need, full of wants

a dancing wiggling bubble
electrified and
very much alive

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Begging Girl

She held her hands out empty, walking blindly, cracking into dust.
Until someone placed a Rose in her hands
Maybe they can see me, she thought
Invisible as she was.

Cracks still there
and her hands bleed on thorns
the Rose in her hands
Hope bloomed for a moment

What can I tell you of the begging girl?
Nothing much.
She weeps in the dark.
clutching a Rose

Just wanting to be seen
for what she really is.