Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I could tell you of Pain!

I stood between two men,
(truth and illusion,
and I had not know it
and had to choose
which to love or not.

I saw before me
what the future could be
and what it was!

With tow distinctly different people,
I had two chances to change,

My future.

I fought against my own heart,
I tore myself between the two
(illusion and truth,
because I could not see it

There’s no road between, I thought.
What could I tell you of Pain?

My pain bound myself to love,
bound myself (falsely) to someone.

(Had I only known my own

Pain I felt,
The hands that break and broke.
The bonds that are broken.
Fate’s own hands at play!
With Me!

What could I tell you of Pain!
It hurts!

The heart cries.
The heart breaks.
And, Yet there is only one way to heal.

Time passed, and saw me a little,
Time went on and my heart is
still broken…

Now I see…
Time can not heal

My Pain was endless.

He had walked right out the door.
And I thought True Love had
passed me by; (again?!)
I wish it had never touched Me!

At the hand of fate, I was.
”Deal with me kindly.”

Only if I could see what was
and was meant to be, maybe I
could understand….
My Pain.

Endless it felt when no end
was in sight.

(But I learned something
very special,

of things of threes.

Love, Pain and Hope.

All followed each other
where ever they may go

I hadn’t recognized the
in my heart until…
I felt Pain!

written: April 5 1996 as a composite of four poems that were written on Nov 17 1993.