Saturday, July 17, 2010

My thrill is nature’s raw power….

My thrill is nature’s raw power.
Her beauty, Her lust, Her unexpected
Rainbows and showers excite me.
Thunderstorms and lighting shows
comfort me.
Strong pounding surf, hot dry sand
all surrounds me in Her lust.
Nature’s luscious body excites my soul.
The curves are lines is all I see.
The tall green covered mountains,
long while waterfalls and black beaches
stuns me with it’s grace.
Smooth white sand, clear wide water
with coral reefs filled with bountiful life
entrance me and holds me still.
Always changing, Her thrill is mine.
Tornadoes, hurricanes, big strong
thunderstorms filled with
striking blue lighting are my thrills.
Mudslides, floods and earthquakes are
neat yet I think just the
unexpected is the greatest thrill
She offers all.

written: September 6 1996