Saturday, July 17, 2010

Modern Intelligencey

Electrified, stupefied,
in all this jagged metal
concrete, convenience food.
like a super K-mart
mall, shopping by mail

TV convenience, watch it all
day all night all day all night
drain the intelligencey
lost the will to life
another cheese doodle
to the berry satin slick
covered lips.

Never seen an animal, call your
brother gorilla, never seen one
so much snow, white wonderland
frozen – is that pizza done
yes. No comprehension of
starvation, pop a hot pocket
in the microwave, believes
in food. food. food. food.
Ring… it hot enough?

Tinkle of shredded metal on
concrete, white bloody screams
in air, is this another
Heavy Metal concert? Oh, it’s
another blasted, planted
who owns it, pipe bomb.
it’s nothing, no fun.

It looks like a movie set
twisted bodies, twisted souls
let’s go to the soda shop-
God knows what happened – gone
crazy today, hey there’s
blood on my Nikes, who
ruined them? Kick that
bloody hand, it put blood on
that Nike, ruined. ruined. ruined.

Twisted, scared, broken metal, like
the soul black, shredded,
shriveled, a glop – are you going
to the mall – cool I’ll go too -
Never will see the way
out of this crapy K-Mart World.

written: January 17 1997