Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inescapable Love

May we be friends in the end
anything less is unbearable.

I’m still a romantic fool
to be so in love with you.
Still wishing that I had just
one last kiss goodbye.

Never will I forget
your arms wrapped around me.
Wishing I could stay in your embrace forever.
Wishing I never had to let you go.

This misery is mine to keep.
Your heart was never mine.
Tragedy mares my life and yours.
Each other’s pain of equal depth.

My soul sings to you,
a sirens' song,
as before in ages long past.

Am I willing to be a part
of this your life?
Am I willing to set aside my pride?

What a miserable set of choices
before me; to go on painfully as before,
or lock and wall up my very soul
as a balm against this tragedy.

If I run, it is still there, hidden.
If I stay, it cannot be prevented.
Was the choice ever really mine to make?
How much more can I bear?

No matter what the sands of time brings
May we be friends till the end
for nothing less than that
I can bear.

I still love you and always have.
Love is eternal.