Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spring Follies

dreams fade like
tiny little helicopters
twirling on the breeze

sun rustles spring buds

sap is rising
morning growing
I’m arising
to see the sun

I bend with the blowing
of the sweet grasses
feeling the

the sweet rushes
trampled down
brier patch
and rabbit run

thickets not yet overgrown
I can chase and I can run
See the sights and see the sun

On wings and wind
do turn around
my soul to seek
my soul to ground

In this sky
I do seek prayer
to see the stars
among the air

For in fairness be
my life at stake
I shall soar
with wing and take

my dreams return
and visions burn

Good night good nigh
sweet dreams delight
Let morning Owl
protect you all night

In land of dreams
take delight
I’ll see you in
the morning light.


We weave our own fate
by every step we take.
By every breath we take,
by every step we miss,
Our fate we create.

Tied tightly we are to these threads
bound by warp and woof
hands we know not
finger the strength of our lives
and snip the threads

As the string
pools on the floor
only then the tapestry
is reveled
What shall we see?

A masterpiece?
Or misery?