Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In You.

In you
all my passion
all my dreams
lay fulfilled.

In you, I see beauty
taste beauty, feel beauty.
You are beauty.

Your presence is grace.
your voice is melody to my ears
Your musky scent is an intoxicating perfume
that steals my senses

My soul leaps for joy
To be near you, life is brighter
the weight of the world is released
In you I find my contentment.
With you I find peace.

I cry out

Mistress of my soul
my very being cries out to you
I need you to see me,
need you to love me.

I am so miserable without you.
Each day the sun rises without heat
and the moon sets without light.
In darkness my life exists.

Oh Please, oh sweet Mistress
Touch me! Caress me in the recess of my soul.
I am bound to you for eternity.

I dream your essence.
In hope I continue on.
Will you?
Can you touch me?

Fulfill me!?

Pandora’s Box

I don’t want to do this.
I don’t want to look there.
In the the blackness
of my soul.

I know
demons haunt the dark reaches
deadly peril is around every curve
and I

I am there. I am the darkness.
In the dank, swampy reaches of my mind
a soulless realm I am mired.

Held tight, strangled by inky thoughts
mangled intentions, and rage.

Don’t open.
Just don’t open
and let fly out those
regrets, hurts and pains.

Just don’t open.

It waits not

True Love passed me by
ages ago and I didn’t even know.
Looking back I can see the footprints
as we walked side by side in time.

Love passed me by,
just as I was afraid it would.
Too bad only now I realize
what it was that I had felt leave.

Too fearful. Too afraid.
self-fulfilling prophecy
Am I not deserving of love?

I believe in LOVE. I Believe!
But it passed me by.
Before I realized.

bonds unbroken

I understand.
I know.
that secret that you have held deep inside.

It matters little to me.
I’ve seen your flaws.
Your problems, your insecurities,
It is a cover up.

I see you.
As you really are.
You don’t think I do.
I know YOU.
You let me in long ago.

Nothing has changed my love for you.
Time could not change it.
I could not change it.
You will not change it.

Love is eternal.