Friday, August 14, 2009



Sacred five which I pray,
Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Divine
Bless and Guide me,
hear my voice and lend your heart.
I ask protection of the Pentagram.

Earth, upon which my feet tread
Air, by whose breath I live
Fire, that fuels my passion of life
Water, of life that ebbs in my veins
The Divine which I honor

Earth, protect me
Air, protect me
Fire, protect me
Water,protect me
Gods protect me

Earth guide me
Air guide me
Fire guide me
Water guide me
Gods guide me

Earth purify me
Air purify me
Fire purify me
Water purify me
Gods purify me

Earth balance me
Air balance me
Fire balance me
Water balance me
Gods balance me

Earth bless me
Air bless me
Fire bless me
Water bless
Gods bless me

In these five I shall rest
Protection of the Pentagram.

written: 07:11:2007