Saturday, August 22, 2009

Phantom Child of Mine

Unborn Child, hanging in the balance,
of love and life, its heart beats on,
fully formed and strong, waiting, wanting.

Worried mother of youth, passes her hands
over her swollen womb, thoughtfully
wondering about the miracle of life, entranced.

Unconcerned father, living and never knowing
of his child; endangered without
his presence, lost to him, always.

Unborn Child of Mine,
life can not wait for ever,

So sweet child of love, forgive me now,
I never knew what life was without
because you were never born.

written Oct 18, 1996

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tiger Love

That fiery tiger stalks the night,
as paws step lightly in the
forest underbrush,

whiskers twitch as
anticipations build.

Wild eyes search for
quick darting prey.

That fiery heart that hunts in the night,

Whose hands that holds love
at a distance,

lips which speak nothin'
more for want of less,

wide eyes searching the depths
of a man's soul,

That fiery tiger of love.

witten Feb 20, 1997

Grave Robbers

Ramshack shanty towns,
dirty people abound - not
in mind or soul, just
the clothes, - The Mine.

Silver ore and gold -
The Mine, tin, brass and
copper, the people filling
make-to herebys looking
out through bright white eyes
offset by muck and grime.

Cool all winds from away
far mountains kindly stirs
the silt that flows right
out, The Mine.

What treasure trove can
they find deep deep in
the graves of stars that
can still glide in the
dust choked sky.

written Feb 21, 1997

The Gentleman's Chair in Tiger Oak

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger Stripes
that dance around
my mind.

Playing havoc with desire
upon the furry vine.

Of the magic in the Jungle
bested upon the chair;
Tiger, Tiger, Tiger Stripes
are the best to bear.

For the whirlwind of Desire
plays upon the chair
as a choral master inquires
where the best has been.

For desire playing havoc
upon my fuzzy mind
Tiger, Tiger, Tiger Stripes
dance around in Time.

Originally written June 6, 1997

I shall cry till I can cry no more.

I shall cry till I can cry no more.
My tears shall flow silently.
My eyes will be red.

I shall drink till I can drink no more.
My hand will lift drink to my lips.
My throat will be parched.
I shall drink till drunk.
And I will stagger.

My thoughts shall be jumbled,
incoherent even to myself
and my pain will not be visible
to myself any more.

I shall sing of my pain till I
can sing no more.
My voice will be raised high
in lamentation, so my
pain will be heard only once
and then no more.

Then I will fall and fall no more.
I will cry and then will cry
no more.

Originally written Oct 22, 1998

Rebirth of Children

Seasons change and so do I,
Dreams lost, return
in time.

Life flows again
and I am alive
How long I don't know

Someone brought back the seasons,
the colors, the beauty of the wind.

The forest moves with life.
My lungs fill with air.

The light is blinding
life is unexpected
and unsuspecting.

From what dreams
may come,
dreams return again
upon the seasons change.

Originally written Oct 22, 1998

Lecture of Hope

There's time enough to love
and to trust yet still.
First, you must grow.
Depend on yourself.
Strength your own roots
before trying to graft onto
another's root stock.
Invest in your soul.
Find out who you are,
the impossible.
Be Somebody.
Lift yourself up in your own eyes
See past the failures...
the accomplishments need to be
acknowledged to yourself.
Youth will always be with you,
in Death your hand stills for always.
Waste not the grains of sand
that trickles the Hourglass.

Come to love yourself.
Be not afraid.
______ will be with you, Always.

Originally written, Out 11, 1999

On the Bottom

I am nobody special.
Pain is delivered to my door.
Disappointment is as frequent as
my drink.
Hope runs out as often as
my boyfriend's and takes much
more than them.
Strength pretends to be my
friend - deserts me when
needed most.
I am nobody special.
Nobody stays. No one Helps.
Who cares? Not me.
Why should I? I've been kicked enough.
And yet, Life goes on,
dragging me along.
Does it ever end? this round of pain.
Oh, My Dreams? My Wishes ---
My Hopes -- Oh;
Where did I place them?
I need to Find

Originally written Oct 11, 1999

Winter Enchantment

On Gilded Wings
does sunlight fly
on winter's day,
an snowflakes fall.

With deep blue cold
does nature rest
in the hollows of
a wooden heart.

Branches bare,
dressed in white,
gowns endlessly dance on.

Anticipating the season
of fresh green,
with gowns aflutter;
robin nest hats and
squirrel collars.

Alas, Alas, cold wind blows
and pearly white does fall.
Dressed in diamond
sparkled gowns,
the attendants dance
in the last snowfall.

Originally written Jan 29, 2000

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"To a lost Love, Long Ago"

"To a lost Love, Long Ago"
Nov 19, '93

I've jolted you
I've hurt you
And I know I can't heal the pain.
We've had some good times and bad times
And I want the better to remain.

Unfortunately you've seen the worst in me
and I wish to show you the best.

You're a valued Friend to me,
So Please don't shut me out.
Altogether I know I've done you wrong,
I'd like a chance to do you right.
Because I feel that you're my friend
And I love you with all my might.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Elemental Change

Twilight falling
twilight fading
summer's coming to an end

twilight falling
twilight fading
fall is almost here

winds still breezy
leaves are turning
colors changing
fall is almost here

feel the weather
getting cooler
twilight fading
summer's to an end

and fall's about to begin


It's Time Now.

Time is at an end
Shall I turn around?
and hide my eyes...

Time is at an end
Shall I dance...
with you or without?

Time is at an end
Surely you must go
the tide is heading out to sea.

It's time for me
to say Goodbye.



My dreams are naught.
like twilight in winter.

Dreams so fragile
so brittle
the least harm

Sorrow of lost
sorrow of pain
sorrow of dreams

It was a beautiful dream.
I failed I lost I am pained.
I gambled.

Why do I
want so

That can not be.
Why are my dreams
like twilight in winter?


Return of the Muse

careful what you wish for,
you just might get it
even in your dreams
can't bring fulfillment
like the cold shot of reality

love bites hard
and love bites back
somethings shouldn't be
but are

Never mind all that
the day rises again
and the night returns and lets loose
the dreams and wants
of passions yet unfilled

It does hurt
to let go
things wanted but never had
desire becomes painful
as the heart screams
in frustration




Sacred five which I pray,
Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Divine
Bless and Guide me,
hear my voice and lend your heart.
I ask protection of the Pentagram.

Earth, upon which my feet tread
Air, by whose breath I live
Fire, that fuels my passion of life
Water, of life that ebbs in my veins
The Divine which I honor

Earth, protect me
Air, protect me
Fire, protect me
Water,protect me
Gods protect me

Earth guide me
Air guide me
Fire guide me
Water guide me
Gods guide me

Earth purify me
Air purify me
Fire purify me
Water purify me
Gods purify me

Earth balance me
Air balance me
Fire balance me
Water balance me
Gods balance me

Earth bless me
Air bless me
Fire bless me
Water bless
Gods bless me

In these five I shall rest
Protection of the Pentagram.

written: 07:11:2007

Melancholy Moods

Melancholy Moods

Life has given me more than enough,
Have I had enough love?
Enough laughter?
Enough joy?
Enough sorrow?
Enough sadness?
Enough stress?
Life has give me enough
And I want more.
The desires of my heart denied
Trampled and broken.
I reached my hand out to pluck
the forbidden fruit
and I receive pain for my effort.
A pin prick of blood wells up
as poison courses through my veins.

I am destroyed.

Written: 07:03:2007